Get engaged and challenged all over again

Are you a mid-level manager pursuing that dream job you always wanted?

Feeling frustrated in your current position and would like more flexibility?

As CEO, has your company plateaued?

Have you lost the passion and innovative spirit in your work enviroment?

Would you apply to your current job today? If your answer is ‘no,’ you’re in good company.

Did you know that about 50% of mid-level managers and executives feel unchallenged, stuck and disengaged??

So if you love what you do, but feel disengaged, what should you do?

It’s clear that you need to take action now.

Why should you stay if your passion is gone? Passion is an active thing.
So if you love what you do – but are simply tired and feeling disengaged, you’re ready to start innovating and doing things differently – today!

Who Am I

Don’t know how much you know about me, I’m a serial Entrepreneur with 20 years of senior management experience in Multinationals with focus on innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. Currently I coach, consult, innovate and teach as an award-winning lecturer (totaling 11 full academic courses and 2.700+ students) and Keynote Speaker at leading universities and international conferences.

My work experience includes working for Oracle Corporation as a Senior Director for 12+ years, building 6 companies, one of which is the 1st Irish Youth Accelerator, and a foundation of a Tel-Aviv based company that specializes in building new ventures from within an existing company.


Mission Statement

Helping organizations and people innovate by Intrapreneuring.

Enabling fear-less creativity, innovation and freedom to dream big and create – among employers, managers and employees everywhere.




My Story

A former Engineer, I was born to a hard-working, non educated but loving parents. Far from being a good pupil in elementary school, I started entrepreneuring when I was only 14 years old and founded my first business when I was 16 making $ 24,000 a year! Motivated to succeed, I graduated high school and recruited into the Army to become a professional soldier,  a company commander and an awarded high ranked officer. After 10 years, I left the Army for the high-tech private sector. I built companies, partnerships and worked as a senior executive for multinationals – and now, at the age of 44, I decided to give back and share my success secrets with companies and people to help them succeed.

Intrapreneurs Global Network

As co-founder of the Intrapreneurs Global Network, I am an expert with more than twenty years of professional and executive management experience working for multinational enterprises. Based on my passion, professional academic knowledge, and vast experience, my work helps individuals and companies re-start — producing happier lifestyles while increasing sales and revenue.

What sets me apart?

I provide:

► Real world experience – I’m a corporate entrepreneur that walks my talk.

► Onsite C-level coaching and company workshops on intrapreneurship to foster innovation.

► Online structured courses that produce tangible results for goal-driven men and women.

► A proven formula of action items to help individuals adopt a new set of intrapreneurial behaviors.

► Extremely cost-effective solutions for many of the challenges today’s companies and their employees are facing.

► A success guarantee.