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Ann: “Would you like to deliver a presentation on the Irish Business Network 2015 kick-off event?” Me: “Sure! When?” Ann: “29th, January 2015” Me: “Done!” That’s the conversation I had with the lovely savvy businesswoman, Ann Dempsey, the leader of the Irish Business Network chapter in Munich (, for which I’m very grateful. According to the bureaucratic theory…

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Getting a promotion is NOT a result of good work done

If you believe that getting a promotion is a result of a series of actions – you are in for a surprise. The Internet is full of great advice from experts on how to get promoted in this fast pace world of ours. And I strongly recommend reading and learning from everybody. When I was…

The secret no one told you on how to get promoted

The secret no one told you on how to get promoted

If you believe that your annual performance review is the best opportunity to get promoted – you are in for a huge disappointment. From some unknown reason, the majority of us employees believe that the best time to get promoted is the annual performance review process. Furthermore, we are certain that we should outshine our colleagues…

It’s time to Get Promoted!


How Being an Intrapreneur Will help you Get Promoted

When business platforms begin to shatter, boardroom meetings become stressful. Almost everyone blames another for so many reasons. There’s a constant cry for change and improvement. In circumstances like these, the battle gets even tough breaking a higher level of competition among employees where degrees don’t seem to matter anymore. The executives desire to get…

What Would Our World Look Like Without Innovation?

Technology is fundamental to every business in the world today. Every piece of equipment, tool or machinery used by a business no matter how little it may appear, is designed for a specific purpose. That purpose is the force behind the creation of that piece of technology; and the equipment or machinery is the embodiment…

Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Innovation as a Core Competency

Have you ever imagined living in the world during those crude times when there was no technology? Try to roll back the wheels of your memory to as early back a point in time as you can possibly remember. Right there; you must be seeing no smartphones, no ATM machines, no mobile banking, no fast…

Permission is rarely granted in organizations. Most of us are used to get a “No” answer when we ask for permission.

You: “Will you approve a small budget to support this innovative idea the team has?”

Boss: “We have enough problems already”

You: “This will increase our customer’s satisfaction”

Boss: “We tried this ten years ago”

You: “Can I take my idea and test it on my own risk?”

Boss: “Let’s put the idea aside for a while”

Indeed a well known illness every organization might suffer from every now and then. It’s called “mediocrity-lococcus” where managers reject innovation simply because they don’t have enough time on their hands.

The cure?

better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission