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Hey CEO, Wake Up! You’re Losing Your Best People to the Competition

Learning How to Keep Your Hard-working Employees It is late in the evening. Everyone else has left for their homes but you are still in your mid-town office at the twenty ninth floor. You have been working late to finish an important project. You stand by the window of this corporate tower with all the…

Entrepeneur vs Businessman

How to differentiate a businessman from an entrepreneur

I just came back from Spain where I had the privilege to take an active part as a speaker in the Galicia Innovation 2014 annual event (click here to see what you missed). I was approached by many people who presented themselves as entrepreneurs, but after 30 seconds into the discussions, I could distinguish the…

Being an Intrapreneur in heart and mind is about your idea.

Your idea comes first – not your job.

If “they” interfere with your idea, if “they” reject your requests for resources, if “they” overload you with work that has noting to do with your idea – you my friend are working for the wrong people.

Researchers look for the best sponsor to fund their research. I have not seen any researcher that looked for a specific sponsor and only then tried to convince him/her/them to fund his/her research.

This simply shows us that for some people out there, their idea comes first – before their employer.

In this way, ordinary people with ideas (AKA Intrapreneurs) eliminate most of the rejections they might encounter while working for “them”.


The Best Answers to the Tough Interview Questions

Get Yourself Ready! The secret to success of any interview is readiness. People tend to give the best answers no matter how tough the interview questions may be, especially when ideas are already there right before the questions are asked. You are probably mesmerized how some applicants get hired on the spot while others hear…


Are You More Than Just a Monkey?

Have you ever heard of The Monkey Experiment? Regardless if this experiment was ever done or not, it is an important mind exercise to learn about human behaviour when it comes to our work environment. Many people have ‘A-HA’ moments during our work day. We suddenly think to ourselves that this process could be done faster, or that…

intrapreneur – the corporate entrepreneur

The Truth About Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporations that have reached a certain size and have a solid customer base start to think about cost-efficiency, increasing revenue, minimizing costs, and pleasing their investors. This recipe is a buzz kill for the startup mentality, which wants to focus solely on solving a consumer solution. It’s no wonder that innovators are not attracted to the corporate environment,…


You are no better than Jordan Belfort – The Wolf of Wall-Street!

Hi there, If you didn’t see the movie ‘ The Wolf of Wall Street ‘ yet, I strongly recommend you go ahead and see it. Here’s the trailer: It’s directed by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio as leading actor. The movie takes us through the life of Jordan Belfort, today an American motivational speaker and former stockbroker. He…


Facts about your current job

Not many of us employees often ask ourselves questions, as we are more programmed to answer. Nevertheless, I urge you to answer these next 3 questions: (Try to be honest with yourself when answering) 1. Would you apply to your current job today? If your answer is ‘no’, then you are in good company. About 50%…