Why Is Hiring Noam Tamari-Wekser as Your Entrepreneurial Management Coach Such an Intelligent Career Decision?

In today’s world of senior management, corporate leadership is a never-ending struggle to be the very best. The levels of complexity, intensity and frequency of events executives and entrepreneurs are facing on a daily basis have never been so high. Corporate’s top managements built an entire culture based on fear to drive their executives to do what ever it takes to move their organizations to win in any market conditions. So mired in reality, so busy living by clocks and calendars, executives and entrepreneurs often forget what matters or have little time to even think about it.

That’s where a Coach comes in.


Your Coach can help you get in touch with your purpose and passion, enable fear-less creativity, innovation and freedom to dream big and be the leader among your managers and employees, and most importantly support you in taking the necessary steps, week by week, day by day for getting what you want.

A Coach listens intently, asks clarifying questions, challenges your assumptions, helps you dream big and makes sure you do the important things you say and will do in order to have the precious things you say and want.

The bottom line is you can’t do it alone.

You might think you can, but only with a Coach you can be challenged, stretched to your limits and empowered. Only with a Coach you will increase your chances at being successful.

So, why would you benefit from working with Noam?

Quite frankly, you deserve the best.
  • Noam helped dozens of Executives and Mid-level Managers to tune-up their business thinking and improved their entrepreneurial management habits that put their business back on track.
  • He worked with numerous Entrepreneurs and new business owners on their new venture to increase the probability of making their business profitable and sustainable.
  • And acted as a Motivational Coach for hundreds of Undergraduates and even 70 Irish Teenagers by helping them improve their personality, boost their self confidence, and develop high impact communication skills.
Someone who genuinely understands your situation
  • For over 20 years now, Noam struggled to succeed as a senior manager in Multinationals and as a serial Entrepreneur. He knows what’s it like to meet deadlines, reach sales quotas and on the same time focus on innovation and leadership. He understands the frustration and solitude of being at the very forefront of your own idea, company or venture.
Someone who walks his talk
  • His work experience includes working for Oracle Corporation as a Senior Director for 12+ years, building 6 companies, one of which is a foundation of a Tel-Aviv based company that specializes in building new ventures from within an existing company and one is the 1st Irish Youth Accelerator:
He knows what works today
  • Noam coachs, consults, innovate and teaches as an award-winning lecturer (totaling 11 full academic courses and 2.700+ students) and serves as a Keynote Speaker at leading universities and international conferences. As such – he is a subject matter expert to many CEO’s.
Inspirational success stories from people who have worked with Noam
Only people with depth and internal peace can train, coach and educate others. Noam has peace in him. He has power. As a successful lecturer myself, I know how to evaluate what works for other lecturers – it is power. The power to take someone, a group, a team by the hand and cross the challenge together. Peacefully. Powerfully. And Noam has it! Try him! You will thank me!
Eran Shachar
CEO at Doctor Energy
  • Noam is a powerful Intrapreneur and a change agent, with a dynamic presence. His energy and innovate way of looking at complex situations and problems is very refreshing and inspirational to me. Above all, Noam’s character, energy, attitude, teamwork and professionalism make him a pleasure to work with.
    Ziv Mandl
    CEO John Bryce, Tact, Matrix Global
  • Noam is a talented and creative person. Pure excellence in the field of Intrapreneurship. He possesses a keen analytical mind that spots trends and opportunities that most of us would miss. Then, he proceeds to validate his assessment by actually doing a project or two, opening the possibilities of new revenue streams.
    Yossi Moldawsky
    Owner at Moldawsky Group, Plus Ventures and Explore. Dream. Discover
Having Noam as my Mentor is a lifetime opportunity for me. He is a master in challenging people and knows how to unleash their potentials. His entrepreneurial spirit inspires to tackle new goals and motivates to face challenges. He takes the time to understand issues and always has creative ideas to solve them in the most efficient way. Zig Ziglar couldn’t have said it any better – "A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could." Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement!
Filipe Euscher
Working Student bei Telefónica Germany
Noam is one of the most charismatic and interesting people that I know. He is one of the best presentors that I ever saw in action with a great ability to keep his audience engaged through his entire lecture/presentation.
Arik Faingold
Chairman and President of Comm-IT
Noam is a great trainer – very professional. Every lecture is interesting and I have learned a lot from Noam. More than that Noam has a great personality and he is very sensitive to the participants' needs.
Limor Afik
Regional Director at ServiceNow