Have you heard Noam speak?

From easily distracted teenagers to time-strapped CEOs, everybody pays attention when Noam speaks.

So, what is it about him that makes him one of the most sought-after speakers and lecturers?

He engages his audience in a way few speakers and lecturers can.

Take a look at what some of the people who\’ve been in the same room as he has had to say about him and their experience:

Only people with depth and internal peace can train, coach and educate others. Noam has peace in him. He has power. As a successful lecturer myself, I know how to evaluate what works for other lecturers – it is power. The power to take someone, a group, a team by the hand and cross the challenge together. Peacefully. Powerfully. And Noam has it! Try him! You will thank me!
Eran Shachar
CEO at Doctor Energy
Noam is one of the most charismatic and interesting people that I know. He is one of the best presentors that I ever saw in action with a great ability to keep his audience engaged through his entire lecture/presentation.
Arik Faingold
Chairman and President of Comm-IT
Noam is a great trainer – very professional. Every lecture is interesting and I have learned a lot from Noam. More than that Noam has a great personality and he is very sensitive to the participants' needs.
Limor Afik
Regional Director at ServiceNow

Noam is an “in-the-trenches” authority on a number of business topics. He digs deep into his experience as an entrepreneur . . . leader . . . C-level executive . . . former professional soldier, company commander and high-ranking officer . . . and business developer to speak on the subjects close to his heart:

  • Entrepreneurship—Noam was 14 when he started his first business, and made his first $25,000 at 16.
  • Product innovation
  • Selling & sales management (startups)
  • SimVentureTM business simulation
  • Management information systems
  • Marketing of new technological Innovations
  • Management of IT projects
  • Management in high-tech Industries
  • But Noam is most passionate about intrapreneurship because \’intrapreneurs create businesses inside businesses that transform novel ideas into profitable realities\’.

A vocal advocate of intrapreneurship as the springboard for disruptive innovation and leadership, Noam enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s leading experts and speakers on the subject. Many organizations—ranging from startups through multinationals—have hosted Noam as a featured speaker on intrapreneurship in Israel and around the world.

More recently, Noam was one of the experts and keynote speakers at the 2013 edition of the Intrapreneurship Conference, Barcelona.

He also conducted two workshops at the event.

In the first workshop, \’The challenge of encouraging Intrapreneurial behaviour in a “business as usual” environment\’, Noam talked about the do’s & don’ts and the how-to’s of encouraging intrapreneurialism in traditional (bureaucratic) businesses.

The second workshop, \’Developing new products and services out of intrapreneurial initiatives\’, introduced participants to an intrapreneurial framework designed to help businesses innovate successfully.


  • Noam is a powerful Intrapreneur and a change agent, with a dynamic presence. His energy and innovate way of looking at complex situations and problems is very refreshing and inspirational to me. Above all, Noam’s character, energy, attitude, teamwork and professionalism make him a pleasure to work with.
    Ziv Mandl
    CEO John Bryce, Tact, Matrix Global
  • Noam is a talented and creative person. Pure excellence in the field of Intrapreneurship. He possesses a keen analytical mind that spots trends and opportunities that most of us would miss. Then, he proceeds to validate his assessment by actually doing a project or two, opening the possibilities of new revenue streams.
    Yossi Moldawsky
    Owner at Moldawsky Group, Plus Ventures and Explore. Dream. Discover

The founder of intrapreneurship consulting firm, Tamari-Wekser Holdings Ltd., Noam is also the co-founder of EMGI, the education arm of MG Equity Partners Ltd., a leading investment house based in London. He also serves as a country leader and member of the board at Oracle Israel.

extensive experience in implementing international change management projects, and serves as a subject-matter expert for many CEOs.

Besides being a qualified engineer, Noam is an alumnus of Tel Aviv University\’s Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration.

Noam is also the creator and product champion of the Internal-Venture Innovation Program, a 5-day, 3-part initiative designed to help businesses to 1) identify and address critical issues and challenges, and 2) empower them to devise and implement an intrapreneurial blueprint to effectively tackle them.

Noam’s course was enriching, flowing and an amazing experience. He is a fluent charismatic lecturer that knows how to get the message across the room in a clear, elegant and pleasant way even to those who have not any knowledge in the field of Intraperenurship. I learn a lot from Noam. You should do the same.
Alon Ofek
Operation Manager at Telmap

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