Having Noam as my Mentor is a lifetime opportunity for me. He is a master in challenging people and knows how to unleash their potentials. His entrepreneurial spirit inspires to tackle new goals and motivates to face challenges. He takes the time to understand issues and always has creative ideas to solve them in the most efficient way. Zig Ziglar couldn’t have said it any better – "A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could." Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement!
Filipe Euscher
Working Student bei Telefónica Germany
The course “Management Information System” in which I participated, as a part of my B.A in Business Administration taught by Mr. Noam Wekser was interesting, and very uniquely presented. I was highly impressed by Mr. Wekser’s professional approach to presenting the course material and his own business experiences. I thank Mr. Wekser for a thoroughly professional and highly enjoyable learning experience, which I have no hesitation in recommending
Meir Keinan
General Manager – Renaissance Tel Aviv Hotel
Teenagers are always one of the most challenges groups to work with and facilitate. Teenagers will provide immediate feedback if they are not engaged, interested or stimulated by the workshop facilitator. The fact that we have now brought Noam from Israel to work with us in Galway, Ireland is the best recommendation we can make of his work here with teenage groups. Noam is an extremely talented communicator. He has an extraordinary high level of emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman) which allows him to assess, understand and communicate on a deep level with people of all ages and backgrounds. Noam can create a safe, secure and supportive atmosphere among any group. This results in a greater degree of sharing and engagement among the people he works with. This almost instinctive ability to empathise with individuals allows him to inspire, encourage and motivate the teenagers he works with to reach for their dreams. After a number of days working with Noam students from disadvantaged backgrounds have left with a “new found” confidence and inner strength believing that no dream is unreachable. This is the feedback we have had from the students, their teachers and also their parents. Noam is extremely professional in his communications, preparations and understanding of the brief before he works with any group. He brings a rich and very diverse set of experiences and skills to all of his workshops. He is constantly evaluating and self - assessing his own performance and the level of the learning for the participants. His global perspective is one of the keys to the success of his work with us In Ireland. His up to the minute knowledge of the technologies and changes that are occurring gives him credibility in his presentations. In Galway we have been privileged and inspired by Noam and his work. We continue to look forward to each visit he makes to Galway as it results in the improving of our young peoples lives through the values and confidence they gain from the workshops. All of our team admire and respect his calm, courteous and positive approach, which contributes greatly to the ethos we seek to create in the Galway Education Centre. We look forward to working with Noam for many years to come.
Bernard Kirk
Director Galway Education Centre
Noam is one of the most charismatic and interesting people that I know. He is one of the best presentors that I ever saw in action with a great ability to keep his audience engaged through his entire lecture/presentation.
Arik Faingold
Chairman and President of Comm-IT
I have worked with Noam in the past thirteen years. In all of them, Noam has shown high level of teaching capabilities and extensive knowledge in designing course material. Noam demonstrated an ability to deliver the message in a clear manner while motivating the students to actively participate in the class. Noam has designed and developed numerous courses with coherent and clear messages and supporting material. I was witness to many of Noam's lectures during the years. In his classes, Noam created a positive learning atmosphere and motivation that led to excellent learning results.
Ofer Ben-Haim
CIO Verint Israel
I know Noam for a long time now. Noam is an entrepreneur by nature. Noam combines a unique approach of free spirit and innovation with the ability to organize and motivate long term process.
Sagi Chemetz
CEO at Blink
Noam was my lecturer for Entrepreneurship in SCE College. His course was extremely interesting, practical and gave me the ability to initiate, use my imagination and think outside the box. Noam is charismatic and able to deliver any course in an interesting manner with humor and grace. He has the amazing ability to attend everyone in his audience. I can only wish for you to have a lecturer and teacher like Noam. He is a teacher for life not just a teacher in class!
Rinat Israeli
ERP QA Tester at Classified
Noam is a pure leader, Intrapreneur and entrepreneur. During the time we have worked together (as my direct manager and as a business partner), he has always demonstrated out of the box thinking, business orientation, leadership and consistency. Noam has always been the “go to guy” during crash times and when brainstorming and creativity were required. During the time I had been directly reporting to Noam, he allowed me, as a manager, independence and creativity and greatly motivated myself and my team.
Ori Lapid
Director of Global Education Services, Mellanox Technologies
People say things that curve in our memories, are connected to emotional experiences. I will remember Noam’s course for years to come thanks to his professionalism and his miraculous ability to speak alongside his vast proven experience in the world of business. Noam’s course provided me with knowledge and tools to better understand the different layers of business. His ability to deliver a strong message in a light way, is easy and challenging on the same time and with his intriguing persona – You get an unforgettable learning experience.
Lina Michaeli
I have accepted Noam’s request to take over a course he used to deliver at Ruppin Academic Center. With his generosity, Noam provided me with all of the course presentations, exercises and his support throughout the first semester. 2 semesters later, I’m still using Noam’s materials, and my appreciation to his development work has increased: The logical content and presentation sequence, that is collected from bits of information to a complete and concrete message, with relevant real-life examples – is among the best I ever experienced. Last semester, I asked Noam to deliver a guest Presentation in my course. The level of interest and attention of my students were the highest ever. Noam succeeded to thrill and challenge the audience. Many of my students said his lesson was the best lesson they took. With his Charisma, Noam is capable to deliver any topic with passion and have his audience focus completely on his message. I highly recommend you to buy Noam’s services.
Udi Matot
Noam is a multi-business talent, With vast experience in enterprise software, training, marketing and business development. He has the abilities to build winning b2b and b2c content marketing strategies.
Gal Rimon
Founder and CEO of GamEffective
I know Noam for many years now, and his determination to succeed and an hability to establish his professionals goals and what steps he need achieve it is that always impressed me. He is an extremely dedicated worker, with great attention to details and superb execution. Someone you can trust beyond any doubt to plan and execute to the highest standards. It is was a pleasure to work with him in the same company.
Luiz Vianna
VP, EMEA Operations
I know Noam since 2006. During the past years I could see how great Noam is in the Training field, training management, training delivery and marketing. Following are Noam’s outstanding training skills (part of) to which I was exposed during our friendship and cooperation: - knowing the different reasons for training - knowing how to manage the different stages of training - being able to use different models of training, including coaching, instruction, and mentoring - knowing how to identify training needs - knowing how to design a training course - knowing how to run an effective course - knowing how to evaluate the outcomes of training. - High Presentation skills: -Deliver his message with impact -Talks directly and clear to people -Delivers his speech with credibility -Helps his audience remember the important parts -Charismatic -Sounding best and perform very well
Itzik Ifrach
Senior Projects Manager at MER Group
Noam is a great trainer – very professional. Every lecture is interesting and I have learned a lot from Noam. More than that Noam has a great personality and he is very sensitive to the participants' needs.
Limor Afik
Regional Director at ServiceNow
Noam is a talented and creative person. Pure excellence in the field of Intrapreneurship. He possesses a keen analytical mind that spots trends and opportunities that most of us would miss. Then, he proceeds to validate his assessment by actually doing a project or two, opening the possibilities of new revenue streams.
Yossi Moldawsky
Owner at Moldawsky Group, Plus Ventures and Explore. Dream. Discover