Noam served as a lecturer in the Industrial Engineering and Management department with his innovative course “Business Intrapreneurship”. This new trend was developed to educate the department’s graduates to integrate in high profile initiatives within existing companies. The course was a thought as MBA faculties do, where students were exposed to new academic material, learned in small groups and were under pressure to work within real-life existing companies. Despite Noam high demands, he received superb feedback from the students. His active learning method, alongside with new intriguing business cases and his amazing ability to teach – made the course an amazing academic experience. I highly recommend Noam. He is a gifted speaker, extremely knowledgeable in trends and his material, attentive, knows how to create interest and create fertilizing discussions. I am always happy to host as a speaker on our courses.
Dizza Beimel
Head, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Ruppin Academic Center
I was acquainted to Noam as a lecturer and teacher at Ruppin Academic Center . Noam is a very skilled and interesting lecturer to the extent of defining him as a real performer. He knows how to keep the right academic level of lecture, yet to make it attractive popular and interesting.
Dov Nardimon
Academy-Industry relations at Ruppin & CEO at NOFET
Noam is a valued speaker, with vast knowledge and ability to transfer knowledge in a simple yet interesting way. He is a direct, open minded and pleasant person to work with. He brings to the table a lot of experience, knowledge and creativity – both content and planning. I worked with him in two companies, one as an HR director and the other as a VP Academy-Industry Relations. In both companies, working with Noam was a unique experience, as he always brought out-of-the-box thinking and actions while keeping an open mind to new novel ideas and opportunities.
Noam has always been an important stakeholder while I was working with him as the head of Marketing program in Lander Institute. He is a trusted advisor and excellent people motivator, I have been empowered and happy to work together with Noam.
Ron Berger
The College & SIGMA
Only people with depth and internal peace can train, coach and educate others. Noam has peace in him. He has power. As a successful lecturer myself, I know how to evaluate what works for other lecturers – it is power. The power to take someone, a group, a team by the hand and cross the challenge together. Peacefully. Powerfully. And Noam has it! Try him! You will thank me!
Eran Shachar
CEO at Doctor Energy
Noam is a driven, focused and kind-hearted entrepreneur who is always eager to help. He has submitted stellar, practical, easy to understand content for my blog and I have followed him for years on LinkedIn, where his monstrous network continues to grow. I feel blessed to be friends with Noam and strongly suggest seeking out his entrepreneurial advice if you want to be successful.
Ryan Biddulph
Blogger & Mentor
Noam Wekser mentored me in my final project as part of my B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management at Ruppin Academic Center. During the mentorship period, Noam conducted a series of mentoring sessions, in which he helped my team and I develop and deliver a robust information system, facilitating the goals of our client, an animal welfare association. It was clear to me from the very beginning that Noam would fit the bill as the best guide for such a mission; due to his unique way of utilizing his vast experience and applying it to real world problems. Noam continuously challenged us with questions, which helped us a great deal in designing a suitable strategy and a solid execution plan. I can confidently state that Noam's mentorship was of great value and impact to our work, and reflected sincere partnership and commitment.
Yuval Herziger
Software Developer at TVMania
Noam is the kind of professional that makes a difference. He showed integrity and passion when times and situations are complex and difficult, and always maintained a straight line when defending his principles. His experience and ability to find new ways to approach the most complex challenges made a difference. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with him.
Dror Margalit
Information Technology Executive
A gentleman and a scholar. It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Noam for any of your personal or business development needs. He is a professional in every sense of the word. He is a wellspring of not just knowledge but "applied" knowledge and true understanding. He is a highly respected transformational thinker and transformational "doer" born out of years of practical, real world experience.
Hanoch Zadik
Owner, People,Organizations,Businesses LTD
Noam is a brilliant Intrapreneur. He is really a winner. I have known him very well and I am confident to say he is an outstanding person in all meanings. I highly recommend him to be your advisor when it comes to build entrepreneurial activity in your organization.
Yuval Shilo
CBO at Dan Academic Center
I’d worked with Noam 3 years from mid 2010 to mid 2013 while we were colleagues at Oracle Israel, he was leader the Education BU and me the HW BU. I’ve enjoyed working with Noam as a true business Partner. We understood very quickly each other and define the right win/win model to support the mutual growth of each of our businesses. Noam is a fast thinker fast executer. He can be self sufficient and enthusiastic manager when needed. He has very good views of people and knows to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of people reporting to him and colleagues. He has a strategic view with a very didactic and charismatic way to share it with pears. Noam is result oriented with a strong focus on executing above numeric and non-numeric targets. He is also very diplomatic and knows how to handle complex situations in business and in personal relationship.
Dan Toledano
Red Hat - Country Manager
Noam and I worked together at the Ruppin Academic Center and at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv for over 2 yeas. During this time, I have met a highly skilled,dedicated, passionate and professional lecturer, a true entrepreneur, and most of all - a great partner to work with. Noam has vast knowledge of both the technological and marketing worlds, and I have learned a lot from him during the period we worked together.
I have known and worked alongside Noam for almost a decade and can undoubtedly say that he is a true professional, a great public speaker and a wonderful person. His preparation for lectures is impeccable and the materials are always meticulous and have their own unique flavor. When speaking, Noam’s charisma shines through which gives him a real command of the room and his audience. His lectures are insightful and interesting which makes listening a pleasure as well as educational. Definitely one of the better speakers I know.
Josh Ivri
CEO at Ivry Consulting LTD
Noam and I know each other for a few years now while lecturing at Colman College of Management. Besides his phenomenal speaking and lecturing abilities, he simply cares about his spectators. A lot of lecturers come to work – Noam does the work! He sees training as a mission and makes sure no one leaves the room without value. Noam’s gift to combine real-world business cases with academic ones, positioned him in the front line of worldwide speakers. I will continue to collaborate with Noam in every possible initiative.
Amir Shalev
Mentor at STONS
I know Noam for over 10 years now. He is a professional with vast knowledge and experience in major global trends, one of which – Intrapreneurship. His lectures are clear, organized, planned and straight-to-the-point aimed at delivering value. Highly recommended!
Gadi Chen
CTO and Founder at Top Experts