Noam is a powerful Intrapreneur and a change agent, with a dynamic presence. His energy and innovate way of looking at complex situations and problems is very refreshing and inspirational to me. Above all, Noam’s character, energy, attitude, teamwork and professionalism make him a pleasure to work with.
Ziv Mandl
CEO John Bryce, Tact, Matrix Global
I worked with Noam as a colleague, partner and provider for 5 years. Throughout this entire period Noam demonstrated professional ability, high level of service and caring for his customers and partners. Noam has extraordinary ability to think outside the box and resolving crisis. It was fun, pleasant and enlightening to work with Noam.
Jasmin Marom
Training Division Director - Ness
I meeting every year hundreds of new peoples, traders, students and clients. Noam is one of them but unlike others Noam is the only person I am keeping close relationship. For the first time we have met I knew me and Noam will go together for a long time. He is a person I can work with and can be a close friend with.
Oded Shoval
Elbaria LTD - Mentor and Analyst
I enjoyed listening to Noam’s lectures given during my EMBA studies in the Tel Aviv University. From various topics, professional to personal, Noam has a natural given capability to stand in front of a wide audience and to deliver a clear message and to attract the crowd to stay focus, I found Noam’s lectures always combined with a tip of humor, that contributed to my listening experience.
Eran Tal
Global Account Manager, Siemens
If you think you one can be either an Entrepreneur or an Employee – you haven’t meet Noam yet. Noam is one of the best professionals Intra-preneurs I have worked with, always looking for a new challenge, just as 'entrepreneurs' do. Noam transmits his passion by encouraging and motivating people to achieve their goals. He has a different strategic point of view and always focuses on delivering added value to business and the customers.
Dr. Eyal Benjamin
StartHub Entrepreneurship Center
Noam is one of the leading professionals in his field. He is result oriented, highly focused and a top performer. Noam is extremely loyal to the company he serves and his customers.
Natan Gavish
VP Biz Dev,
Noam is an Intrapreneur with amazing ideas and best of practices embedded in his mind that he uses at the best time. He is a person who sees the big picture in terms of what business trends are about to become hot items. Highly recommended.
Yariv Tabac
Owner/CO-CEO at Extreme & dbMaestro
Noam is a true professional. An excellent business man that knows how to build solid relationships with his customers and with his colleague. I got to know Noam as the manager of Oracle team at John Bryce Training and after some time he joined Oracle to manage the Oracle University. Noam is highly connected in many verticals and brings with him extensive experience in the training and education in the high tech industry as a true leader and a great Intrapreneur. Noam is the man I'll be happy to work with any time.
Shai Brodetzki
CEO at Pelican Tech
It’s hard to believe that Noam is actually only one person. With all that he does, you’d think he had 5 Doppelgangers helping him! But seriously, Noam is one of the most dedicated, driven and ethical people I’ve met. He truly cares about the projects he works on and the people he works with. And above all, he’s a true Mensch. I think anyone would be extremely lucky to have Noam involved in any endeavor.
Donna Griffit (Abraham)
Corporate Storyteller
Noam was my mentor in the Intrapreneurship course at Lander Institute. He made the course to be “the real deal”. Throughout the course, he exceptionally integrated academic and real-world cases from his vast experience. Noam was attentive to all students and was open to any discussion. His lectures were fascinating and I humbly say I will never forget him. Noam accompanied my partner and I from the very first steps of writing our business map, all the way to transform our idea into a profitable reality. He is the best! Indubitably, Parker J. Palmer’s famous quote “Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher” was written with Noam in mind.
Ofer Hirsh
Marketing specialist at Micron Semiconductor
Noam’s course was enriching, flowing and an amazing experience. He is a fluent charismatic lecturer that knows how to get the message across the room in a clear, elegant and pleasant way even to those who have not any knowledge in the field of Intraperenurship. I learn a lot from Noam. You should do the same.
Alon Ofek
Operation Manager at Telmap