Learn how you can leave your competitors behind! The goal of the IV Innovation Workshop is to create new ventures inside your business and to do it Just 5 Days!

The IV Innovation program will open up a whole new world of ideas and ventures inside your business.
Just imagine how you’ll feel when your business has several profitable new products or services hit the market and you’ll have more in development, imagine the effect that will have on your bottom line as well as how it will place your business in the market.


A System for creating a horde of good ideas inside your buisness.
You only need ONE Good Idea to change the future of your company and your career forever!

The goal of the Product Innovation 2.0 Workshop is to implement an easy-to-use systematic approach for generating new creative and innovative product ideas (on demand!) inside your business. You already know that a good idea can mean a whole new era for you and your business, what are you doing to come up with that idea? Is it working for you? Consider the possiblity of having a system that can provide you with such ideas on demand, that is what this workshop is all about.